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Job market may not be friendly to new graduates

If you’re a recent college graduate and you live at home with mom and dad, you’re certainly not alone. Although the housing market has been red hot in the last two years, the job market has not been so friendly outside of the tech industry. For those who have taken on a great deal of debt, the options may be thin, which may lead college grads to take lower paying jobs outside of their field of study simply to make ends meet. 

How late tax payments may affect your credit score

Today is April 11. For many people who have procrastinated in preparing their federal income taxes, the day the bogeyman is scheduled to come is only four days away. That’s right, the April 15 tax filing deadline can scare people like that mythical creature that hides in children’s closets.

If you are struggling with your finances, and anticipate owing Uncle Sam some money, your trepidation is understandable. After all, who wants to pay extra to the federal government. Moreover, the prospect of a tax lien is really unattractive. If you owe more than $10,000 in taxes and they go unpaid for 30 days, the IRS will file a lien to collect on your income. A lien can torpedo your credit score; essentially lowering it by nearly 100 points. 

Credit card debt still a problem with consumers

While America was in the throes of the recession, we heard a great deal about the “90 percent” referring to the majority of Americans who were not considered “rich” and were part of the ever-growing divide between rich and poor. With the recession a recent memory and the economy improving, the focus apparently now turns to the “30 percent.”

Why medical debt can be troubling

The Affordable Care Act is poised the help millions of Americans who would not be able to afford quality health care do just that. With the enrollment deadline coming in less than a week, it is estimated that more than five million people have signed up.

However, the prospect of affordable healthcare still leaves scores of Californians toiling in debt because of medical expenses. In fact, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau indicates that one in five Americans has enough medical debt to affect their credit score. 

How to protect your income tax refund check

As the tax season ends in a few weeks, income tax refund checks are still in high demand. This also means that scam artists are still hard at work in trying to get those checks. A tax refund check means a great deal to those living on fixed incomes. Unfortunately, it is these people who are likely the most targeted and the most vulnerable to scams. A few weeks ago, the Internal Revenue Service issued warnings about crooks trying to lure unwitting citizens into their webs. Through this post, we will share them.

Monthly FICO scores for consumers on CFPB wish list

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) believes that consumers should have easier access to their credit scores. In fact, it is encouraging credit card companies to offer FICO scores on consumers’ monthly statements.

The CFPB was created out of legislation stemming from the financial crisis of 2007; specifically, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010. Its mission is to ensure that consumers get the information they need in order to make prudent decisions about credit and to understand the terms of agreements with financial companies. 

How to take control of debt collection agencies

No San Francisco resident likes to be bullied by someone else. Whether it is at work, in social settings or in business dealings, individuals who are bullied can feel like they have no control over the situation.

These feelings can also come when individuals are saddled with high credit card debt. Despite their efforts at debt relief, individuals can find themselves subject to bullying and harassment from collection agencies who are threatening to take extreme measures to collect on a person's outstanding debt.

Farmers, other businesses may file for bankruptcy due to drought

Business owners in California are a tough bunch. Small businesses must continually adapt and change to the evolving market conditions and to other external pressures that can impact the bottom line. While these changes require a great deal of ingenuity and hard work on the part of responding business owners, there are certain circumstances that are simply beyond the control of any person's abilities to handle.

Take, for instance, the recent drought in California that is impacting small businesses across the State. Farmers in particular are hard hit by the drought, with many being unable to plant crops because of the lack of water supply. This has a ripple effect, as workers for the farmers will be unable to earn income, and grocery stores, hardware stores and others who depend on farmers for their businesses will be impacted.

"Baywatch" star files for bankruptcy to save California home

California's beaches are among the most well-known in the country, with many from other states flocking to enjoy the beaches whenever they can. An actress whose character had rollicking adventures on California's beaches is now filing for bankruptcy.

Nicole Eggert, who starred on the television show "Baywatch," recently filed for bankruptcy for the third time in less than a year. Eggert's Chapter 13 filing followed two previous bankruptcy filings that were dismissed. She was reported to have assets of $1,070,400, but high debts that left her with little to live on per month.

Singer ordered to take financial course in bankruptcy

When California residents get deep in debt, they usually want to find some relief as soon as possible. Each day the debt can seemingly grow larger and larger, and therefore it is essential to find a tool for debt relief to end the debt spiral.

Fortunately, through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, individuals can find this quick debt relief option. Even in Chapter 7, however, it is important for individuals to understand they must first satisfy certain requirements before their debt is discharged.

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