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The Connection Between Mental Health And Student Loan Debt In California

Student loan debt costs you both financially and mentally. Learn how debt reaches into your psyche as easily as it does your wallet.

There is no doubting your student loan debt impacts your financial peace of mind, but have you thought about the impact your loans have on your mental state? As you chip away at your debt while enjoying life in beautiful California, take out the time to maintain your mental health. To do that, it is good to know how debt affects you psychologically.

More Than Everyday Financial Stress

When you have been in debt for several years, it is easy to convince yourself it is typical financial woes, a part of life. That said, the total amount of student loan debt you are saddled with can wear on you mentally and emotionally for several years, negatively impacting your default state of mind. For that reason, you may not be 100% honest about the severity of your debt.

Several indications of denial exist:

● Leaving bills or payment notices unopened

● Harboring a resistance to knowing the total amount of student loan debt you owe

● Leaving phone calls from bill collectors unanswered

Ignoring your debt will not make it magically disappear. In fact, doing so only makes the situation worse.

Losing Out On Sleep

Does thinking about repaying your student loan debt make it hard for you to sleep at night? A lack of sleep impacts your overall physical and mental health. Your job performance can suffer from insomnia, which ripples over into your ability to earn a living so you can continue to pay off your debt. Your body also needs plenty of rest to fight off sickness and disease, which can also keep you home from work and potentially send you to the hospital, which can lead to more debt. It is a terrible cycle to find yourself in.

Sinking Into Depression

You may face your debt head-on and get okay sleep at night, but you can still drag through the day and life in general. One thing to keep in mind with depression is that it can take many forms:

● Major depression

● Bipolar disorder

● “Situational” depression

● Persistent depressive disorder

Each type comes with a variety of different symptoms. If you think there is a chance you have depression, it is best to seek an official diagnosis. Your situation may reach deeper than the emotional lethargy triggered by debt.

Your Debt Makes You Angry

Rather than feel down about your financial situation, you may be brimming with rage. You can lash out at those closest to you because you are unable to find and sustain debt relief. Such heated emotions can unravel relationships and friendships and cost you in a way that extends well beyond money.

No matter how student loan debt ravages your state of mind, relief is possible. Reach out to a legal professional in California to explore your recourse options.