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Assets & Bankruptcy

Creative Solutions To Protect Your Property During Bankruptcy

At the Bankruptcy Center of John D. Raymond in San Francisco, we know of your worry that if you file bankruptcy, you will lose your property. Careful planning and hiring an experienced attorney like John D. Raymond can help you keep most of your property and discharge your debts. If you are considering filing bankruptcy in Alameda County, attorney John D. Raymond will make sure that you can keep as much of your valuable property as possible. Call us at 415-992-7196 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Cars and Car Loans: We will help you keep your car. The moment you have filed bankruptcy, all repossessions must be stopped. Because we have handled thousands of bankruptcies, we know how to use the rules to get the best results for our clients. In many cases, our repossession defense lawyer is able to lower your interest rates and decrease your payments, as well as forestall any repossession. If your car has been recently repossessed, we can often get your car returned to you.

Houses: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the best tool to protect your house from foreclosure, and in most cases we can protect your primary residence. While California’s $75,000 homestead exemption (the amount of equity in your home that is exempt from creditors) is not overly generous, we can help you maximize that exemption by careful planning, and re-affirm your existing mortgage in order to keep your house.

Other Assets: You are allowed to keep much of your personal property and retirement accounts. We will work with you to properly value property and make sure your assets are protected from creditors.

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If you are concerned about losing your home, contact the experienced bankruptcy attorney at the Bankruptcy Center of John D. Raymond in San Francisco at 415-992-7196.

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